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Neuroprotective Potential of the Methanolic Leaf Extract of Launaea taraxacifolilia and Oil of Dennettia tripetala Seed in Sub-chronic Lead Toxicity in Offspring of Rats

Oluwole Isaac Adeyemi, Oluwadara Boluwatife Makinde, Omotayo Alaba Eluwole, Esthinsheen Osirim, Olusanya Akanmu, Ayodeji Adekola, Idris Ajayi Oyemitan

Background: The development of childhood intellectual disabilities as a result of lead poisoning is a major public health concern. In South West Nigeria, Dennettia tripetala (DT), a promising nootropic as well as Launaea taraxacifolia (LT), a reported antidote in lead induced hepatotoxicity, are widely consumed. Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Vitamin C and Di-Mercapto Succinic Acid (DMSA) has also been reported to be useful in the management of lead poisoning. The possible neuro-protective effect of both plants, together with tocopherol and Vitamin C in lead-induced memory deficit is yet to be determined. This study evaluated the possible Neuro-protective effect of the methanolic extract of the oil of Dennettia tripetala G. Baker (Annonaceae) seed, (DT) and the leaf of Launaea Taraxacifolilia (Asteraceae) (LT) as well as their combination with tocopherol or Vitamin C and DMSA on lead-induced memory deficit in rat’s offspring.
Materials and Methods: Female rats were administered lead acetate (30 mg/kg p.o) during gestation and lactation period. After weaning, the neonates were randomly divided into groups, and were orally administered DT or LT only, and their combinations with Vitamin C or Tocopherol (Vitamin E) and DMSA. This was followed by subjecting the animals to Spontaneous object recognition and Y-maze tests to evaluate memory deficit as well as the effect of the drugs on memory deficit. Results: Results showed that the extract of DT and LT, Tocopherol /Vitamin C and their combination ameliorated lead- induced memory deficit.
Conclusion: Tocopherol and Vitamin C appeared to promote the memory enhancing activity of the extract DT/LT respectively, suggesting that they act via similar pathways.
Keywords: Lead poisoning, Tocopherol, Neuro-protective, Vitamin c, Dennettia tripetala, Launaea taraxacifolilia, Y-maze tests